How To Tame Budgies

Budgies are an adorable and fun part of the family. Taming them requires patience and practice. In this article, you will get useful information and tips on how to tame your Budgie. Here is the bird’s-eye view of what you will need to know.

Fun fact: How to Male or female Budgie?

It isn’t always easy to tell males or female budgies apart. With budgies, you can look at the face of an adult bird. Check the cere, which is a bump above Polly’s beak. Males have blue ceres, while females have brown ones.

Let’s get started!

A step-by-step process of taming your Budgie

If you have bought a new budgie into your home and want to tame them, follow these easy steps to make your Budgie friendlier.

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Let Your Budgie Get To know You

Give your Budgie time to settle in an unfamiliar environment

Once your budgie is in their new home, allow them time to settle in their new surroundings. Budgies need comfort and time to adjust to the new environment. It usually takes two weeks for a budgie to relax and get used to all the new sounds and smells in a new home.

  • Have Food and water ready in their cage.
  • Place their cage in calm and pleasant surroundings.
  • This will help them get accustomed to people and their new home.

Build Trust With Your Budgie

One of the most essential steps in taming your Budgie is to build trust with them. You need to provide them with a comfortable environment and time in a new home. Spending time with your Budgie will develop a bond between the both of you. Once you have built trust with them, it will be easier for you to tame and effectively train them!

Sit Away From Your Budgies Cage

To get your Budgie familiar with you, place your chair away from their cage and spend some time doing something near them. Do this repetitively every day for an hour or two to show you mean them no harm.

As time passes, they will become familiar with you being near to them. This way, when you move closer, they aren’t as frightened. Doing this for a couple of days is essential.

Start To Interact With Your Budgie

It’s now time to interact with your Budgie! When your budgie has settled in their new home and trusts you more.

  • Your first interaction needs to be calm and gentle!.
  • Place your hand outside the cage and start talking in a soothing voice.
  • Be patient as they will need time to adjust.
  • Try limit eye contact as it shows hostility for some birds (especially frightened ones)

Open Your Budgies Cage

Once you are satisfied with your budgie’s behavior from the previous steps, the next step is to open their cage and place your hand inside.

  • Make sure not to touch them or anything inside the cage!
  • This could make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Instead try using food to entice them to loosen up!
  • Not making them feel uncomfortable or nervous is essential for a first interaction.

Offering A Treat To Your Budgie

When your budgies are somewhat used to your hand being inside their cage. The next step is to try to feed them a treat from your hand!

  • This step should be spread out over a few days!
  • Let them get comfortable with eating from your hand.
  • Try using millet spray or fresh fruits to entice them.
  • Absolutely do not try to pick them up at this stage. This could ruin all the work you’ve done so far.

Touching Your Budgie

Now, on to the part you’ve probably been waiting for!

Once your budgie is comfortable with you being around and eating from your hand, the next step is to touch or stroke them gently! If your budgie is offering the “nape” of their neck, this is a great sign (Don’t be discouraged if they don’t, they just need more time)

Finger Taming And Training Your Budgie

Hopefully, your budgie is now responding well to you being near them and eating from your hand without hesitation! This is great! Now on to the next step of getting them onto your finger.

Pointing Finger

To begin finger taming, open the cage door and move your finger closer to them as a perch. It will be better to put a treat on your hand so that they can see your hand as something less frightening. While doing this step, keep repeating words like “step on” or “climb.” In this way, he will associate these words with this activity.

In case they become nervous, try this step again later on in the day or tomorrow.

Shifting Your Budgie Out Of The Cage

Once you have completed the above step successfully, it is the right time to bring your Budgie out of the cage. Move your hand slowly and gently out of the cage and take them to the outside world.

Don’t worry if he flies back to the cell. Be patient. Repeat this step again and again while carrying some food in your hand, till you succeed. The practice of stepping up and taking them outside of the cage may take an entire week.

Getting Your Budgie Familiar To The House

While keeping them on your finger, take your budgie to different rooms of your home. Offer Them food there. This way, they will be comfortable when you take them around your house.

Remember, DO NOT chase them if they fly off your finger or shoulder. Repeat this step a few times a day.

Comfortable In Different Rooms

Choose any other room that they are not fully comfortable with yet, and repeat the finger taming process. This way, they get used to being around you in all environments. If your budgie does fly away, remember not to chase them as this may damage your relationship with them.

Instead, when they fly away try this:

  • Stay calm.
  • Wait for them to land and get calm themselves.
  • Talk soothingly and approach calmly.
  • Repeat the finger taming method with them where ever they landed.

Tips For Taming Your Budgie

  • Don’t be afraid if your Budgie bites you during initial training.
  • To avoid biting you may use a towel over your hand during the initial interaction,
  • Try limit eye contact as it shows hostility for some birds (especially frightened ones)
  • The Perfect age to tame a budgie is at 6 weeks old and after being separated from their parents.
  • Keep your Budgies cage near to you while doing other activities.
  • Praise your Budgie while talking to them during the training.
  • Never push the taming process, if you see that your Budgie is nervous, leave them alone.
  • After doing some steps, take breaks and put your Budgie back in the cage for a rest.
  • Shut the windows and cover your mirrors when taming your Budgie outside or in the room.
  • Practice is the key to success. So repeat training daily.

In a nutshell, taming your Budgie is not an uphill task. It requires constant attention, patience, and practice. In this brief article, you learned the step-by-step process to tame your Budgie. Usually, taming a budgie is all about getting familiar with your Budgie and finger taming.

The best way to get your budgie familiar with you

Step 1. Give your new budgie time to settle in their new home. 2. Do activities near their cage for familiarity. 3. Place your hand in the cage without touching them or anything in the cage. 4. Get them used to eating from your hand in the cage. 5. Practice the finger taming method. 6. repeat these steps daily for maximum results. Remember to always stay calm.

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert on bird behavior or bird diet. These methods should not replace getting expert advice in any shape or form. If your bird does show any adverse reactions to any foods, seek a veterinarian’s guidance as soon as possible.

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