Budgies are great companions to have around. They are cheerful and not as demanding as other birds. Apart from offering good companionship, budgies also enjoy interacting with their owners. What is a better way to give back than providing everything your budgie bud needs to stay healthy and happy? 

The most important thing to your budgie is getting them cozy and feeling at home where they can flourish. Shopping for a new cage for your feathery friend is certainly an exciting time but picking the best Budgie cage probably isn’t as simple as you think. There are many deciding factors to consider if your bird’s living quarters will be as comfortable as they should be. 

Well, look no further because here we will round up everything you need to know about the best budgie cages and recommend the best-reviewed bird cages under 200 USD!

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Best Cage Size For A Budgie

Budgies are incredibly active and social creatures. Remember that in the wild, the vast sky is their playing ground, so when they become a part of your family, they can feel restricted if you don’t offer the best cage that’s best suited to their nature.

Keep a budgie in a small cage, and you’ll find yourself with a bird who constantly screams, bites, or plucks their feathers out of boredom.

Size is, therefore, the most crucial thing to consider when picking up a budgie cage. No birdcage size is too big; if you have room for a bigger cage, even better.

The bottom line is when choosing the right size, pick one with room enough for your bird to walk around, fully expand, and flap its wings comfortably. Take into account the space that’ll go to perch placement, toys, and food bowls. 

Don’t go for anything smaller than 18inches long, 18inches wide, and 24 inches tall. Go for an even bigger size if your budgie will be spending lots of time in its cage. This will ensure the bird has a bigger room to stay entertained while not outside. If you plan on letting your budgie fly out frequently, you may get away with a smaller cage. 

Do not buy your budgie a round birdcage. Budgies spend time in corners to feel more secure. Wide cages are better for budgies than tall ones. Usually, budgies spend most of their time near the top of their cages, so getting a tall one that’s not as wide will be wasted space.

What Every Budgie Cage Setup Needs

Besides size, budgies, like any other birds, need to explore, have room to play, and exercise. Below are some good things to consider;

Location and Placement

Where should a budgie cage be placed?

As important as the room inside the cage, where you place the cage is just as important. Firstly, You have to decide where your budgie cage will be in your home. The location should be away from windows and doors, yet where the most activity happens in your home, support your budgies’ social needs and development.


Budgies like to perch. Perch placement is crucial and so are the texture, shapes, and sizes

As for placement, ensure that the perches are not directly above water and feeding dishes, and the budgie can climb from perch to perch

The perches should vary in texture and materials. Tree branches differ in shape and diameter and allow the birds to exercise and diversify perching positions. Round dowels do not offer the same flexibility and can lead to arthritis and sores on your budgie’s feet. 

Bar Spacing

Next, of course, is the bar spacing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bird is not an escape artist. Budgies cages should have bars that are placed both vertically and some horizontally to allow exercising. Depending on the size of your budgie, anything between ½ inches to 2 inches is okay. Budgies are quite the contortionists and will squeeze into the smallest of spaces. Still on the bars, ensure to check the thickness and quality of the cage bars. Bar Gauge is an underrated consideration when selecting an appropriate budgie cage. Choosing an inadequate bar gauge may lead to easy damage to the cage such as bent bars and broken joints. This can encourage your pet to escape, in which case you may require a new couch when you get home!

Bar Gauge is generally measured in millimeters and the best gauge for a budgie is 2 mm.

Shape and style

As stated earlier, budgie cages should not be rounded. Research has proved that rounded cages can harm your birds’ psychological health; therefore, provide your budgie with cornered cages.

You will find that many cages can either be hanged or placed atop a stand and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, so pick the one that’s best for your bird and tickles your fancy.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The cage should, of course, be able to last long and serve your needs. Is it solidly built and stable? 

Are there sharp edges or loose parts that stick out haphazardly? 

A good birdcage is ideally made of stainless steel, which does not chip, is easy to clean, and is nontoxic. A high-quality cage will give you worth for your money as well as provide much-required safety for your budgie.

Toys and Accessories

Your bird will spend a significant amount of time in its cage. As such, it’s important to provide a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textured toys, perches, and accessories to look at and play with. 

Throw in some birdbaths, feeders, as well as shreddable toys, bells, among others in his cage.

The reason your budgie needs toys and variety is that it is concerningly common for birds to get bored and develop behavioral issues. Toys address this problem by engaging your bird to prevent harmful activities such as feather-picking or screaming.

When your budgie fulfills its natural instincts of foraging, chewing, shredding, and tearing with its beak, it will help keep both him and his beak in great shape.

Additionally, toys, sandboxes, and ladders help to keep your budgie physically, mentally, socially active, and stimulated. Another benefit of toys is they help prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity.


Like any other purchase, the cost is a major contributing factor to which cage you eventually settle for. While we would like to offer our feathered buddies the most high-end, luxurious, and biggest cage there is, more often than not, we find our financial hands tied. The best option, therefore, is usually to settle for a cage that strikes the perfect balance between being practical with a few extra perks here and there, at an affordable price.

Best Cage For Budgie

As promised earlier, here is a list of the 3 Best Cages For Budgies Under $200. 

1. Yaheetech 69 Inch Large Iron Cage – Best Value for Money

The Yaheetech is both gorgeous and spacious, making it large enough for your budgie buddy. It has been thoughtfully designed to feature three decks and ladders that will ensure your Budgie gets both exercise and play.

Its slide-out trays and grills make it easy to clean and also come with a stylish detachable rolling stand that can be used separately.

The locks are secure and sturdy, and the interior is neatly organized, with a free rope bungee for play and balance, as well as handy storage shelves for toys, feed, and accessories. 

Although not made of stainless steel, this birdcage is coated with nontoxic hammer stone paint that’s both rust and water-resistant for added durability.


  • Extra-Large to accommodate more than a single budgie
  • Easy to clean, refill water and food, as well as interact with your bird
  • Includes extra accessories
  • 0.4″ bars making the bird secure no matter it’s size


  • Takes up a lot of room for its size

2. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage – Best all Affordable Birdcage

Featuring two large doors for easy access, a bottom shelf for extra storage room, a pull-out grill, and a debris tray for quick cleaning and rolling casters for easy movement, this flight cage is both economical and ideal for your budgie.

It comes with 4 plastic double cups, 3 wood perches all the while beautifully showcasing your birds.

Generally, if you need your birds to have maximum room to flap, climb, explore, fly, perch and enjoy space, this cage offers that and more, at a pretty impressive price tag. 


  • Plenty of room for a budgie to explore
  • Large doors for easy access
  • Extra feeding cups and perches
  • Can house more that one budgie
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Cage has to be assembled without an instruction manual

3. VIVOHOME Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand – Best overall Birdcage

The Vivohome Birdcage is large and constructed with high quality, environmentally friendly, rust-proof, and waterproof steel for safety and durability.

It has rolling wheels for added ease of mobility and is perfectly secured to prevent escape. 

It features a large interior space for flight, play, and exploration. The room is also sufficient enough for extra toys and accessory storage. It also has a drawer-type sandbox and a mesh shelf for convenience and accessibility. The bottom tray can easily be pulled out for easy cleaning and promotes a tidy environment.

As if that’s not enough this Vivohome birdcage comes with a wide array of accessories which include: 4 white plastic food boxes, 3 long wooden sticks, hanging toys, such as colored bell stands, and other random colored toys.


  • Sturdy design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious
  • Extras such as a sandbox, toys, feeders, and wooden perches 


  • The quality of the feeders is wanting but that’s a small price to pay for a high-quality cage.

Travel Cages

Birds can get easily stressed, so getting the best travel cage is really important. The cage to go for should have a balance between size, material, escape-proof, price, and quality.

Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier, Bird Travel Cage – Best for Travel

If you’re looking for a convenient, safe and elegant way to travel or visit the outdoors with your pet bird. This budgie carrier is stylish, lightweight, and is easy to assemble, clean, and fold.

It features a Patented prodcutColorday technology for durability and maximum airflow. The thick-gauge polyethylene fabric and hexagonal netting material provide a wide-angle view to prevent anxiety and stress to your budgie.

This Colorway bag is the ideal temporary lodging solution for birds on the move. It has a fairly large interior space for your birds to feel content and comfortable. You can be sure that your bird will enjoy the 360 views the cage offers.

It also has an adjustable perch and also plenty of space to add extra accessories to the interior.

All in all, the colorday bird travel cage is sturdy, elegant, functional, and exactly what you’re looking for.

It also helps to note that this travel cage has received quite a number of positive reviews from satisfied customers!


It certainly can be a daunting task to sort through the different sizes, colors, materials, designs, and styles that are featured in various Budgie cage models.

However, keep in mind that taking your time to go for the best products for your budgie without breaking the bank is a win-win situation that will boost your experience as a pet owner. With a little planning and thoughtful decision-making, you should be able to purchase the best budgie cage that will meet all your expectations while providing your budgie with a comfortable, sturdy, and secure living space. 

If you’re shopping on a budget, ensure to go with ample space, easy maintenance, and a sturdy, secure design. You can purchase extra toys, customize paint, and other accessories at another time.

Finally, ensure to pick one of the items above and let us know what you think. 

Any Questions you have relating to this article or just for me in general, leave a comment down below in the comments section.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on bird behavior or bird diet. These methods should not replace getting expert advice in any shape or form. If your bird does show any adverse reactions to any foods, seek a veterinarian’s guidance as soon as possible.

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